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" Creativity and entrepreneurship

characterise so much of her work.

- Dr David Horne                          
Pianist / RNCM Head of Graduate School                                 
Kiana is a proponent, promoter and performer of new and lesser-known repertoire, an interest that leads her to organise and co-organise projects that successfully receive support from various funding bodies in the UK and the European Union.
In her most recent project Kiana collaborated with the RNCM orchestra to give the first UK performance of concerto for piano and orchestra by the Juilliard Faculty, Behzad Ranjbaran.  This project was generously funded by the Higher Education Council for England. Kiana also gave the first UK performance of Ranjbaran’s solo piano piece Nocturne: A Night in a Persian Garden, during her recital tour across the United Kingdom in spring and summer 2015. 
In another project Kiana performed and recorded three piano concertos by composer Andre Hossein, which was funded by the research departments of the Royal Northern College of Music and Manchester Metropolitan University. As part of the project Kiana collaborated with a composer in creating the full score from the parts for concerto number one, which was last performed more than fifty years ago. 
" My archival research at Bibliothèque Nationale de France underpins that Andre Hossein was a well-known composer in his own time, receiving attention from critics both as a composer and tar player.
However, after just a few decades from his height of popularity finding the scores can be a real obstacle and that is why as part of my research I seek to perform and record pieces that have not been performed for years.
- Kiana Shafiei        
As the co-organiser of the Nava Music Festival, held at the Royal College of Music in London, Kiana managed two days of presentations, keynote speeches, composition workshops and concerts at the Royal College of Music as well as Forge Music and Arts venue in London.
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